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Visual Foldback Monitors
Pedestal & Stage Floor Monitors

Visual foldback monitors are displays developed specifically for stage and platform use whereby speakers, singers, lecturers/teachers can comfortably see a repeat of what may be shown on large screen displays such as song words or speaker bullet points.

These monitors can also be used as autocue facilities or to send messages to stage.

StageView Visual Foldbacks  

StageView visual foldbacks are a new product available to the market from February 2006

The innovative design means that this stage monitor remains largely inconspicuous while providing the essential visual information to stage.

StageView visual foldbacks are available as 17", 19" and 22" versions in smart, robust cabinet with side handles and input for VGA and mains.

These foldback monitors also include input and output for convenient linking of units.

For more information visit the StageView website

StageView  visual foldback monitor
Product Specs
Typical Setups
StageView 17" 4:3 - £299.00+VAT
StageView 19" 4:3/16:9 - £329.00+VAT
StageView 22" 16:9 - £369.00+VAT
Pedestal Visual Foldbacks  

visual foldback monitor

Practical, adjustable, affordable.

The monitor is mounted on a sturdy mobile stand with locking wheels and can be adjusted to a convenient height to maintain a good eye contact level.

Monitors are available in black and silver bezel and utilise removable black mains and VGA cables.

VFM17BK (17" Black) - £275.00+VAT
VFM17S (17" Silver) - £275.00+VAT
VFM19BK (19" Black) - £325.00+VAT
VFM19S (19" Silver) - £325.00+VAT

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