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Lenses and Calculations

Most projectors come with standard lenses offering throw ratios around 2.0 - 2.5:1 i.e. the distance from projector to screen is between 2 and 2.5 times the width of the screen.
This may be manageable for the majority of situations but may not suit all.

In such cases a different lens may be required e.g. short throw, long throw or extra long throw. Not all projectors can accommodate different lenses so we recommend taking specific advice on this subject.

We offer a full range of lenses for most makes of projectors capable of accepting alternative lenses and we can fit these or supply separately. Additional lenses can be fixed focal length or zoom and powered or manual depending on the projector.
Please note that if using long throw lenses, you will need a brighter projector than if filling the same screen from a standard lens projector due to light diffusion over distance and marginal losses within the lens.

Cost is certainly a consideration and lenses vary starting around £800 +VAT for fixed type to over £3000 +VAT for certain short throw types. Typically long throw zoom lenses are between £1500 - £2000 +VAT.
We will be pleased to provide specifications and quotations on request.

The calculator below will give you an indication of distance, image size and lens required for any given projection situation (based on 4:3 aspect ratio). If you need advice or information for any particular projector please do let us know.


Enter the required fields then click 'Calc' for the result. Panel size and focal length are available from product specifications. If in doubt please contact us.

Distance Calculator

Panel size (inches)    Focal length (mm)    Screen width (m)     Result (m):

Image Width Calculator 

Panel size (inches)   Focal length (mm)    Distance (m)       Result (m):

Lens Calculator

Panel size (inches)   Screen width (m)    Distance (m)     Result (mm):

All results are according to manufacturers published information.
(Calculations accurate for 4:3 ratio projectors only)

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