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Plasma Screen FAQs

How long does a Plasma Screen last?

Like most electrical appliances the screen’s life will vary depending on the model and circumstances. Most Plasma Screens, however, are expected to last for 30,000 hours. This is a distinct advantage over projectors that tend to have a lamp life of 2,000 hours. It is worth noting that they do lose their brightness to a certain degree as the hours of use increase.

When is a Plasma Screen not appropriate?

PROmotivations would not recommend a Plasma Screen where the image displayed is going to be static (non-moving). For example a Corporate Reception where the company Logo is going to be left in one place on the screen all the time. This is because Plasma Screens can suffer from "Burn in" particularly in the first few thousand hours of use. This would result in the screen having an imprint of the picture when the screen is turned off.

What types of input do Plasma Screens use?

This will vary between screens but in general all have:
Computer input via RGB - 15 pin D sub. Video input via Yellow phono, BNC socket and/or S-Video. They usually have a composite input and can run a signal digitally. You should contact us for advice on set up at the time of purchase. DVD can be via, Phono, S-VHS or on some models component. Most have multiple inputs and newer models are introducing DVI inputs.

What happens if the screen gets smashed?

Once a screen is smashed it is considered irreparable and at the end of it’s life. If you are looking to position a screen in a location where it is vulnerable a strengthening overlay can be purchased.

What about brackets?

Plasma screens are generally sold without brackets or stands unless specified otherwise. This is due to the number of environments that these versatile screens can be used in combined with the cost of supplying study brackets. It is worth remembering that some of these screens can weigh as much as 70kg.
PROmotivations can provide brackets for all makes and models of screen.

What about sound?

As with brackets, few screens come supplied with built in speakers and those that do are clearly marked. It is possible to get matching speakers for many makes, which can either, be free standing or attached to the side of the screen. Many people use their own sound systems and the screen is just used for the picture. Many come with built in amplifiers but not all. Please ask about sound options when enquiring.

Can I install a Plasma Screen myself?

Most people could install a screen themselves but it is crucial to remember that these screens are not light. Where 30kgs may not sound much they can be an awkward shape and often require a second pair of hands. The leads are fairly straightforward to connect. You should use a proper Plasma mounting bracket or stand as the screens MUST be securely installed. They should never be fixed to a dry lined plaster wall without going into the wall behind with a strong fixing.

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