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Replacement Lamps

We are pleased to offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of replacement lamps available in the UK with an efficient and competitive service. Most lamps are available from central stock and we often supply on a next day delivery basis.

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Most current projectors give a lamp life indication and/or a warning when the lamp is close to exhausting its specified hours. We recommend that you purchase a replacement lamp when 75% of its life has expired, when the warning indicators suggest replacement is required or when the brightness has degraded to warrant replacement. 


An an indication of lamp life the following table gives some approximate values in years:

Approximate hours/week used
Specified Lamp time

6000 hrs

30 yrs
15 yrs
7.5 yrs
4000 hrs
20 yrs
10 yrs
5 yrs
2000 hrs
10 yrs
5 yrs
2.5 yrs
1500 hrs
7.5 yrs
3.8 yrs
1.7 yrs
1000 hrs
5 yrs
2.5 yrs
1.3 yrs

Please note the importance of adhering to manufacturers instructions to optimise lamp life

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